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ALONE IN MISERY, IN NIGHTLIGHT - Alone In Misery, In Nightlight [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
en ås i dype skogen

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ALONE IN MISERY, IN NIGHTLIGHT [Jul. 11th, 2007|11:10 pm]
en ås i dype skogen
[music |Immortal - At the Heart of Winter]


Run to your houses when the night comes over
pray in darkened sanctu'ries that the lord will keep your souls
tremble in your beds as the howling wind chills your bones
sweet little lamb...

You will never be saved
when the sun comes to light again
I shall be far gone from your world
And in hatred with pain I vow to seal the doom
in the reviled, the forbidden, the despise, the forlorn,
in the darkness of death is my home

And though your men rise with holy furor to crush me out;
the spike I drive into you, you will never heal

The thorn in your flesh, the sting and the infection
congealing your soured blood.

For mine is the horrors insanity and wretched scars,
the iniquities of all the damned,
forsaken by your god.

Not by choice but by power
far beyond your works
unseen, unknown
closing in on you

Dismayed emmanuel
Betrayed accusers
revealed as murderers
failed evangelists
Bearded hustlers*
which side would a right mind

Look upon the evils
Let your mortal soul
suffer the inverted wisdom
of carnality's law
Blossomed into scorn
Enriched by blood

Listen to the storming winds howl, they thrash your land
they carry pestilence to wither your crops
Behold your houses in flames!
Listen to the night winds howl, they sing of your doom......