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ashes - Alone In Misery, In Nightlight [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
en ås i dype skogen

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ashes [Jul. 31st, 2007|09:13 pm]
en ås i dype skogen
[mood |grim]
[music |Dusk]

Bleeding from thousand wound
My black blood crying in the night
A mirror
What is totally black
If I hold it before me
There is no hardly anything
Only ashes
Only solitude
Burning out everything

Everything is dead in my inner self
However, I live
There still are ashes
The remains of a devastation

Although, the screaming what I feel
Is before the ages, I still hear it
Black fog buries the air
What is living here?

The smell is the odour of a rotting timeless time
The air corrodes everything
What is ventures to here
Only ashes

Ashes everywhere

There is no life
This is the empire of the eternal Death
The place, where the escaping wanderers
Pilgrimizes from the life
Empire of the Past
Scream of our black blood

Scream of our black blood

From: thebonesofstars
2007-09-03 12:15 am (UTC)
Shit sucks.
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